top 15 tours of Romania

Discover the best holidays in Transylvania Romania! These are the Top 15 experiences in the land of Dracula! Read on, explore each tour and book your favorite itinerary.

1. Awarded 7-Days Halloween Tour – Best Holidays in Transylvania Romania

holidays in transylvania romania - awarded 7-days tour

If you are looking for the best Halloween Holidays in Transylvania Romania, you can safely stop at our Awarded 7-Days Halloween Tour. This itinerary is a Top 10 Must-Do Adventure according to Fodor’s Travel Guide and it was named one of the Best Tours of 2019 by Tour Radar.

Highlights include three fun Halloween Parties: our special event in Sighisoara Citadel, Dracula’s Birthplace, followed by the Halloween Party at Bran Castle. Last, but not least, enjoy a third party. We will announce its location soon.

The Halloween Party in Sighisoara Citadel also includes the popular Ritual of Killing of the Living Dead, performed as seen on Travel Channel. For the complete itinerary, as well as booking information and prices, click here to access the tour page.

2. Unforgettable 7-Days Vampire Tour in Transylvania with Royal Dinner at Bran Castle

holidays in transylvania romania - unforgettable dracula tour with royal party at bran

We organize amazing holidays in Transylvania Romania throughout the year. Apart from the Halloween itineraries, you can also book a 7-Days Vampire tour. These journeys take place weekly between May and October. This particular Vampire tour, though, only takes place once, in July.

While you can discover our country during the regular Vampire tour, this special edition is perfect because it also includes a Royal Dinner at Bran Castle and a Masquerade Party. Find out what other highlights are also included here.

3. Halloween Trips to Transylvania – 3-Days Short Break with 2 Parties included, Bucharest departure


Discover one of our shorter holidays in Transylvania Romania – a 3-Days Halloween Short Break, departing from Bucharest. Discover the Medieval Saxon City Brasov and Sighisoara Citadel and then enjoy the two Halloween Parties included.

First of all, welcome to our Halloween Party in Sighisoara Citadel! Get ready for a night of fun including a unique magic show, an amazing ballet performance and our popular Ritual of Killing of the Living Dead, performed as seen on Travel Channel. More info here.

4. Halloween Short Break – 3-Days Tour departing from Cluj-Napoca


This amazing 3-days short break is similar to the one departing from Bucharest. Visit amazing highlights such as Bran Castle, also known as Dracula’s Castle, or Sighisoara Medieval Citadel, Dracula’s Birthplace. Have fun at the parties taking place at these locations.

After departing from Cluj-Napoca, you can choose to stop at Turda Salt Mine. We recommend you to visit this popular highlight as well.

For more information and pricing, please check out the tour page.

5. Vampire in Transylvania – The complete Dracula Tour


Join us on the complete, 7-Days Dracula tour, taking place weekly between May and October. This tour includes amazing highlights such as Bran Castle, also known as Dracula’s Castle, Sighisoara Citadel or Corvinesti Castle (pictured above).

Although the Royal Dinner at Bran Castle is only available during the special edition in July, our popular Ritual of Killing of the Living Dead is performed during every Dracula tour.

Find out the complete itinerary and pricing here.

6. Halloween Tours in Transylvania – Budapest Departure – 10 Days Tour

Budapest view

An incredible 10-days journey, departing from Budapest, the Hugarian capital. Before arriving in Transylvania, discover the famous Tokaj wine, a brand preferred by Dracula himself.

In Romania, visit the Merry Cemetery in Sapanta, the Village Museum in Sighet, as well as Sighisoara Citadel, Bran Castle or Corvinesti Castle.

This tour includes the Halloween Party in Sighisoara Citadel and the popular Halloween Party at Bran Castle. Find out more about this itinerary here.

7. Dracula Tours for Schools – 11-Days Study Trip in Transylvania

Study Trips are special holidays in Transylvania Romania. These itineraries are conceived for large groups of students – between 10 and 40 people. Book this tour for your class and discover the land of Dracula!

Highlights include Snagov Monastery, where the bloody Count is – allegedly – buried. You will also visit Vlad Tepes’ old court in Targoviste, Bran Castle, Sighisoara Citadel or Poienari Fortress.

For more information about this tour, as well as pricing and booking, please click here.

8. Transylvania’s Undying Legend – 5-Days Private Halloween Tour

This 5-days private tour is available for groups of at least 4 people. Unlike other private itineraries, this journey needs to begin on a certain date in order to accommodate for the two Halloween parties included.

Visit Sighisoara citadel, Snagov Moastery, Bran Castle or Rasnov Citadel. Have fun at our special event in Dracula’s Birthplace.

Find out more information about this private tour here.

9. Transylvania’s Dark Legend – Private Tour

A tailor-made tour, departing from Cluj-Napoca. Join us and discover highlights such as Bran Castle, Dracula’s Castle in Borgo Pass, Brasov, Rasnov Peasant Citadel, The Medieval City of Sibiu and many others.

This tour departs every Friday, on request, for a minimum of 2 people. Click here for more information about this private tour.

10. Dracula The Bloody Truth Tour – 4-Days Private Experience

Another impressive 4-days private tour, departing from Bucharest. This itinerary focuses mostly on highlights related to Dracula, such as Bran Castle, Sighisoara Citadel or Snagov Monastery. You will also visit Rasnov Citadel and the Medieval Saxon City of Brasov.

This tour departs on request, for groups of minimum 4 people. For more information, pricing and booking, please click here.

11. Vampire in Transylvania with Ritual of Killing of the Living Dead – 3 Days Tour

Choose an amazing 3-days Vampire short break. Discover highlights such as Turda Salt Mine, Corvinestilor Castle or Sighisoara Citadel. Additionally, attend our famous Ritual of Killing of the Living Dead, performed as seen on Travel Channel.

This short break departs on request – throughout the year, except for Halloween season – for a group of minimum 2 people. Find out more about the 3-days Vampire tour here.

12. Dracula Weekend in Transylvania – 3-Days Tour

Spend a Dracula Weekend in Transylvania. Discover highlights such as Sighisoara Citadel – Dracula’s birthplace, Bran Castle or the Medieval Saxon city of Brasov. This private tour departs on request, for a group of minimum 2 people. Find out more about this itinerary here.

13. Transylvania’s Undying Legend – 5-Days Private Tour


This private Dracula tour departs from Bucharest and incldes amazing highlights such as Snagov Monastery, Peles Castle or Dracula’s birthplace, Sighisoara Citadel.

Choose a private tour and enjoy the benefits: depart on a date of your choice with a group of your choice – friends or family. We require at least 2 people for this tour to depart. You can find more information about this tailor made itinerary here.

14. Halloween Party in Sighisoara Citadel – 2-Days Tour


Our Halloween Party in Sighisoara Citadel includes a special program. Enjoy a shot of ‘water of fire’ and then attend a unique Magic Show, followed by “Vampiressa Hunting”, an impressive ballet performance. We organize the Best Male and Female Costume contest and we award the Best Howl to the Moon.

Arguably the highlight of the evening is the Ritual of Killing of the Living Dead, performed as seen on Travel Channel. Find out more about this 2-days tour including our party in Sighisoara here.

15. Halloween Party at Bran Castle – 2-Days Tour

Have fun on this 2-days tour including the popular Halloween Party at Bran Castle. Arrive in Bran, accommodate at your hotel and get ready! In the evening, take advantage of our skip the line service, avoid the long waiting time at the entrance and join us for a night of fun!

The next day, enjoy a city tour of Brasov before returning to the capital for your drop off. Find out more information about this tour here.

Awarded Dracula tours

Transylvania travel Romania

Halloween in Transylvania with Vlad the Impaler
3 days Short Break with 2 Halloween Parties

Dracula tours Romania
Dracula tours Romania

Escorted tour, from €599- Cluj Napoca, Transylvania, departure code: TR4.3RoHa

Halloween Party, in Sighisoara Citadel – Dracula’s birth place , plus Bran castle Halloween party!
The best Halloween Party from Sighisoara includes a delicious traditional Romanian festive dinner washed down with fiery spirits, excellent Romanian wine. Open bar is availble untill 01.00 am.
You can be part of the special programme including the Ritual of Killing of the Living Dead, Vampire Hunting, magicians shows, contests and many dark surprises.
Direct flights from London-Luton to Cluj Napoca available.

Halloween party from Dracula Castle from Bran inlcudes a night visit to the castle decorated for Halloween with VIP entrance (skip the 3 hours line) and a 3 course dinner at the hotel situated in walking distance from the party

Halloween Party in Transylvania with Vlad the Impaler-Sighisoara citadel, Dracula’s birthplace!

2 days tour.
Departure from Bucharest, Sibiu or Cluj Napoca Airport(tour code: Tr4.4RoHa)

the best Halloween party in Transylvania

Enjoy the best Halloween Party ever in the Medieval Citadel of Sighisoara, Dracula’s birth place!
A 2 day Transylvanian short break departing from the Romanian airport of your choice, be it Bucharest, Sibiu or Cluj Napoca.
You can decide for yourself the level of classification for accommodation in the citadel, from hostel style dormitories to an exquisite 5* intimate medieval hotel.
The main highlight is the Halloween Party including a delicious traditional dinner, open bar, an excellent magicians show, vampire hunting show and The Ritual Killing of a Living Dead, providing you with a truly memorable experience. more »

Unforgettable Dracula tour with dinner at Bran Castle and a joyfully masquerade party in Transylvania

Halloween in Transylvania tour with 3 Halloween parties

Escorted tour, with guaranteed departures from Bucharest, HB from € 1204

Dracula Tour departing from Bucharest, intended to Dracula enthusiasts, culture and history fans, adventure seekers.
The tour includes the most important historical places related with Vlad the Impaler such as: Snagov Monastery where, Vlad was buried after his assassination; Sighisoara – Dracula’s birth place, Dracula’s Castle in Borgo Pass, built according to Bram Stocker’s imagination and the legendary Bran Castle.
These guarantee departure tours also include a Royal Dinner at Bran Castle, in Queen Marie’s Tea House. You will also attend an unforgettable Masquerade Party, including the Ritual Killing of a Living Dead performed according to old Transylvanian tradition (as was featured on Travel Channel)

Halloween in Transylvania the Awarded Dracula Tour from Bucharest with 3 Halloween parties included

Halloween torus in Transylvania

7 days tour, HB, from € 1299 – Bucharest departure – code: RO7.BHADT

This awarded Dracula Tour from Bucharest, is included by Fodor’s Travel Guide in Top 10 Must-Do Adventures and awarded “Tour of the Year” by TourRadar.

Includes the best Halloween Party in Sighisoara Citadel, Dracula’s birthplace. Also happenings like The Ritual Killing of a Living Dead (featured on Travel Channel). Assist at a Vampire Hunting.

Party and sleep in Dracula’s Castle hotel in Borgo Pass. Visit the most important historical places related with Vlad the Impaler: Bran Castle and Poenari Fortress.
Party at Bran castle Halloween party.

Vampire in Transylvania – Dracula tours summer editions
7 days awarded Dracula Tour from Bucharest

Vampire in Transylvania Dracula tours summer editions

summer tours with guaranteed departures from Bucharest, HB from € 1159
code: Ro4.4RoVa

Dracula Tour from Bucharest, Romania intended to Dracula and history fans.
Attend the Ritual Killing of a Livig Dead (as seen on Travel Channel).
These tours includes the most important historical places related with Vlad Tepes such as: Snagov Monastery where, Sighisoara citadel- Dracula’s birthplace.
Another highlight is Dracula’s Castle in Borgo Pass, built according to Bram Stocker’s imagination and the legendary Bran Castle. more»

2 Days Transylvania Travel with Bran castle Halloween party

Bran Castle Halloween party

Transylvania travel

2 days Short break, from € 369 – Bucharest departure(tour code TRB.2RoHa)

Enjoy the biggest Halloween from Transylvania!
A 2 days short break with transfers from Buchaest.

Win a prize for your desguise at the dinner with traditional meals and costume contests. VIP entrance to the castle (skip the 3 hours line) and night visit to the castle decorated for Halloween.

Participate to the Halloween Party at Transylvania’s iconic image – Bran Castle, also known as Dracula’s Castle. more»

Halloween in Transylvania with Vlad the Impaler – Short Break with 2 Halloween Parties

Bran Castle Halloween party

3 days, escorted trip, from €599 – Bucharest departure
Bu 4.3RoHa

It’s time for the ultimate Halloween Parties in Transylvania: Sighisoara Halloween party and Bran castle Halloween party?
Which will be the best? Come to Sighisoara Citadel – Dracula’s birth place!

This short break includes a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Sighisoara Medieval Citadel. The Halloween Party from Sighisoara includes a delicious traditional Romanian festive diner washed down with fiery spirits, excellent Romanian wine and accompanied by a special programme including the Ritual of Killing of the Living Dead, Vampiresa Hunting, magicians show and many dark surprises.
Also enjoy a night visit to Bran Castle aka Dracula’s Castle (decorated for Halloween) with its Halloween party, the biggest in Romania. more »

Transylvania’s Undying legend
Transylvania travel

private tours of Transylvania

5 days Private Dracula Tour from Bucharest

fom € 1299 – Bucharest departure code: Ro4.3RoVa

private Dracula Tour in Transylvania departing from Bucharest. The tour includes historical and legendary places related with Dracula’s life and death. First of all Vlad Dracula’s birth place in the medieval citadel of Sighisoara. Also the ruins of the Poienari Fortress, the real Dracula Castle, Dracula’s refugee place from Arefu village. Finally Dracula’s tomb in Snagov Monastery. Thus enjoy a mysterious trip in Dracula’s Realm! more »

Vampire in Transylvania – 3 days Short Break

short break in Transylvania

Escorted tour Romania, guaranteed departures,
HB from € 569- Cluj-Napoca departure
 TR 4.3RoSh

Discover the best parts of Transylvania’s legendary landmarks in shorter time, this short break in Transylvania includes UNESCO World Heritage Sites – Sighisoara, unique events which caught the attention of media world wide such as the live reenactment of the Ritual of Killing of the Living Dead, and Transylvania’s most beautiful castle – Corvinesti Castle.
The entertaining programme is complemented by the relaxing 4* accommodation, a medieval fantasy with beds and the mouth-watering vampire dinner! We bet our 9 lives you’ll love it. more»

One Day Halloween in Transylvania travel with Halloween Party at Bran Castle

short break Bran Castle Halloween party

1 Day accommodation and Halloween Party at Bran Castle,
starting from  € 249 
– TRB.1RoHa

Enjoy a night tour of Dracula’s Bran Castle! Meet the Wicked Fairies and get lost in their euphoric dance along with a glass of local red wine. Feel amazing being part of a dynamic Halloween Party in the grounds of Bran Castle until 4:00 am.

Accommodate in a 3* hotel near in walking distance from Bran Castle.  Before visiting the castle enjoy a traditional 3 course dinner. Win a prize to the costume contest at this diner.
Immerse yourselves in the myth Bram Stoker created around Dracula. more »

Vampire in Transylvania – 4 Day Private Dracula Tour from Bucharest

dracula tours short break in Transylvania

escorted tour, departure from Bucharest
code Ro4.5RoHa
A private Dracula tour from Bucharest concentrating the most important places related to Vlad Dracul and his legend.
Snagov Monastery, Bran Castle, the Medieval Saxon Citadel of Sighisoara. Finally visit the outstanding city of Brasov.

Halloween in Transylvania with Transylvania Live in the news

Activate Captions for English subtitles!

Awarded 7-Days Halloween in Transylvania – Highlights

Advice for US citizens traveling in Romania

Before you go write down contact details for the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate to carry with you in case of emergency while traveling.
US Embassy in Romania
4-6, Dr. Liviu Librescu Blvd.
District 1, Bucharest
015118 Romania
Telephone: (+40) 21 200-3300

Notify your bank and credit card companies of your travel, and check exchange rates.
Some banks are blocking your credit card payment when a transaction occur from abroad.

Safeguard Your Documents!

Make two copies of all your travel documents in case of emergency. Leave one copy with a trusted friend or relative at home and carry the other separately from your original documents. To help prevent theft, do not carry your passport in your back pocket, and keep it separate from your money.

Passport Validity
Three months beyond departure date. We recommend a minimum of six months validity after entry date

• Children’s passports: Passports issued for children under age 16 are valid for only five years, not 10 years like adult passports. Check passport expiration dates carefully and renew early.

Not required for stays under 90 days

Consent for Travel with Minors
 If you are traveling alone with children, foreign border officials may require custody documents or notarized written consent from the other parent.
Health Insurance: Many foreign medical facilities and providers require cash payment up front and do not accept U.S. insurance plans. Medicare does not provide coverage outside of the United States. Check your U.S. health care policy to see if it will cover you overseas. If not, consider buying supplemental insurance. Make sure the insurance you purchase covers any special medical needs or risks you anticipate on your trip.

Currency restrictions
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There were no terrorist acts in Romania.
However credible information indicates terrorist groups continue plotting attacks in Europe. All European countries remain potentially vulnerable to attacks from transnational terrorist organizations.

The tourism industry is generally regulated and rules [with regards to best practices and safety inspections] are regularly enforced, though some tourism-related activities (such as rock climbing and extreme sports) are less regulated than in the U.S. Hazardous areas/activities are identified with appropriate signage and professional staff is typically on hand in support of organized activities. In the event of an injury, appropriate medical treatment is typically available in near major cities.

Outside of a major metropolitan center, it may take more time for first responders and medical professionals to stabilize a patient and provide life-saving assistance. Medical treatment in Romania is not up to western standards. U.S. citizens are encouraged to purchase medical evacuation insurance


Reported types of crime include:
• Robbery, pick pocketing, internet scams, and credit card fraud are the most commonly reported crimes.
• Organized groups of criminals, sometimes including minors, operate in train stations, trains, subways, and busses.
• Money exchange schemes often involve individuals posing as plainclothes policemen who approach you, flash a badge, and ask for your passport and wallet. Insist on the presence of a uniformed police officer and request that any issues be resolved at the police station.
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Furthermore, some laws are also prosecutable in the United States, regardless of local law.
Arrest Notification: If you are arrested or detained, ask police or prison officials to notify the U.S. Embassy immediately.
Special Circumstances:
• Romania is situated in a seismically active region and has a history of devastating earthquakes, with the greatest risk occurring in Bucharest.
• Mountainous areas of the country can be subject to torrential rains and flash floods, especially in the spring and summer months.
• Streets and sidewalks are often icy and hazardous during winter.
• Avoid contact with stray dogs.
• Travelers’ checks are of limited use, but ATMs (“bancomats” in Romanian) are widely available.

LGBT Travelers
 There are no legal restrictions on same-sex sexual relations or the organization of LGBTI events in Romania. However, the annual gay pride parades in Bucharest have been the scene of violent protests in past years.

Be aware that U.S. Medicare does not apply overseas.

Medical Insurance
 Make sure your health insurance plan provides coverage overseas. Most care providers overseas only accept cash payments.
Always carry your prescription medication in original packaging with your doctor’s prescription.
• Basic medical supplies are limited in Romania, especially outside of major cities.
• Hospitals often lack nursing care and assistance for the elderly.
• Most prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications are available in Romania but are often sold under different names.
• Response times for emergency services vary widely depending on the region of the country and nature of emergency.
It is strongly recommend supplemental insurance to cover medical evacuation.

Road Conditions and Safety
 Though Romanian traffic laws are very strict, road accidents are a real and dangerous threat for U.S. citizens visiting Romania. According to the European Union Road Federation, Romania has the highest per-vehicle rate of road fatalities of any country in the EU, a rate similar with USA.

If you chose to drive in Romania, practice defensive driving techniques.
While major streets in larger cities and major inter-city roads are generally in fair to good condition, many secondary roads are in poor repair, unpaved, poorly lit, narrow, and lacking marked lanes.
• Mountain roads are particularly dangerous when wet or covered with snow or ice. Winter snow removal is intermittent.
• It is common for pedestrians, animals, cyclists, and horse-drawn carts to share a road with motor vehicles, especially in rural areas.
• Parked vehicles often block sidewalks, forcing pedestrians to walk in the streets.
• Cross only at crosswalks and exercise vigilance as crosswalks are generally poorly marked.
• Local drivers often ignore traffic lights and crosswalk signs.
Maintain vigilance when driving to avoid hitting pedestrians in the streets.
Traffic Laws: Romanian traffic laws are very strict.
• The traffic police can confiscate any form of a driver’s license or permit for 1-3 months and request payment of fines at the time of the infraction.
• Police are required to give all drivers involved in an accident a breathalyzer test on the scene.
• Refusal to take a breathalyzer test may result in criminal penalties regardless of whether or not alcohol was involved.
• Wearing a seat belt is mandatory.
• Children under 12 years of age may not be transported in the front seat.
• Use of mobile phones while driving is banned, with exception of hands free systems.

U.S. citizens arriving in Romania for stays up to 90 days may use their U.S. state drivers’ licenses (DL) along with an International Driving Permit. The U.S. Department of State has authorized two organizations to issue international permits to those who hold valid U.S. driver’s licenses: the American Automobile Association (AAA) and the American Automobile Touring Alliance.

If entering Romania by vehicle you need to purchase a road tax badge known as “rovinieta” at the border crossing point. Proof of insurance and a car registration document are required when purchasing the “rovinieta.” Drivers of vehicles registered abroad who are not in possession of a valid international insurance document must buy short-term insurance at the border.

Roadside help, vehicle assistance, towing services: Dial 9271
Ambulance, fire brigade, police: Dial 112.

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